What is CpG ODN

CpG ODNs are single-stranded synthetic oligodeoxyribonucleotides containing unmethylated CpG motifs derived from bacterial DNA. These are an artificial ligand molecule for TLR9 and a potent Th1-type adjuvant that induces inflammatory cytokines, B cell proliferation, dendritic cell maturation, and NK cell activation.

These have been suggested to be effective not only as vaccines but also as single agents as antiallergic and anti-tumor drugs.

Classification of CpG ODN

Three major classes of stimulatory CpG ODNs are Class A (Type D), Class B (Type K) and Class C.

  • Class A CpG ODNs are characterized by a PO central CpG-containing palindromic motif and a PS-modified 3’ poly-G string. They induce high IFN-α production from pDCs but are weak stimulators of TLR9-dependent NF-κB signaling and pro-inflammatory cytokine (e.g. IL-6) production.
  • Class B CpG ODNs contain a full PS backbone with one or more CpG dinucleotides. They strongly activate B cells and TLR9-dependent NF-κB signaling but weakly stimulate IFN-α secretion.
  • Class C CpG ODNs combine features of both classes A and B. They contain a complete PS backbone and a CpG-containing palindromic motif. C-Class CpG ODNs induce strong IFN-α production from pDC as well as B cell stimulation.

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