What is Blockmer™

  • Blockmer™ is a raw material for oligonucleotide synthesis.
  • Blockmer™ is full-protected short oligonucleotide prepared by our proprietary technologies*1.

*1 Currently, patent application by PCT.

Benefit of Blockmer™

  1. Shorten process for oligonucleotide synthesis
  2. No n-1~n-3 impurities generated using 4 mers
  3. Chiral oligonucleotide can be obtained
  4. Elimination of P=S error (P=O)
  5. Difficult steps (ex. GGGG) can be avoided in solid phase

Product List

Product NameCatalog NumberQuantity
CE-phosphite blockmer 3’-phosphoramidite00-010X0.1~100g
Allyl-phoshate blockmer 3’-phosphoramidite00-000X0.1~200g
Stereo-controlled blockmer 3’-phosphoramidite
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